Miss Indiana University serves as a preliminary competition to Miss Indiana and Miss America. Because Miss IU is a local Miss America Opportunity competition, the requirements and phases of competition follow the official MAO format. Below are guidelines distributed by MAO detailing the most recent procedures for contestants.

Contestants must . . .

  • Be full-time students at IU-Bloomington
  • Be females between the ages of 18-28 (birth years 1996 – 2006)
  • Intend to advance to the state competition (Miss Indiana in June) as Miss IU
  • Not have been or currently be married
  • Not be pregnant or be a custodial or adoptive parent nor will become a custodial or adoptive parent during the term as a titleholder
  • Have no criminal record or pending charges other than minor traffic violations
  • Not consume or distribute illegal or controlled substances except valid prescriptions taken according to directions

Paperwork checklist to compete for Miss IU

  • Register and pay annual membership $39.99 fee with MAO 
  • Pay Miss IU local contestant fee of $40 
  • Interview Fact sheet that follows MAO guidelines, submitted as PDF
  • 100-200 word written Community Service Initiative statement that follows MAO guidelines, submitted as a PDF
  • Completed MAO contestant agreement (obtain a copy by emailing director@missiu.org)
  • Completed talent request form
  • Mp3 or Mp4 of talent music track, edited to 90 seconds; must be instrumental only if a background track for a vocal talent — 90 second limit
  • Digital color image of 5×7 inch headshot, 300 dpi/resolution
  • Copy or photo of birth certificate or driver’s license to prove residency and age
  • Proof of full-time student status: screenshot of current semester schedule from Student Central showing date/time of screenshot; DO NOT need to see grades
  • Out-of-state students must also document prior semester full-time student status with a screenshot or PDF
  • Copy or photo of medical insurance card to use in case of emergency day of the competition
  • Completed timesheet of community service activities with dates, hours and brief descriptions for March-February; this timesheet is used to award a local community service scholarship and DOES NOT factor into the competition scores
  • Not paperwork, but contestants are required to wear one piece of Rebel Athletic wear from the MAO line during the fitness phase of competition to honor Rebel’s sponsorship of the Miss America Opportunity
Contestants will upload all completed paperwork except their contracts to a OneDrive folder. Fees to MAO and Miss IU will be paid online.


Judging criteria 

Miss IU is a local MAO competition, and therefore follows MAO’s judging standards and procedures. You can read about the phases of competition here.

Interested in competing for Miss IU?

Email Teresa White at director@missiu.org